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Flora’s story

Are you busy? Are you buzzing around, from one place to another? Flora is. She’s a worker. With a hairy body and hairy legs.

In the whole world, what she loves most is a flower. Actually, lots of flowers. She buzzes from one to another. So many flowers, every day.

She wants the sweet sticky goo deep inside the flower. It’s called nectar. She sucks it up. Then she carries it back to her home.

At home she tells the other workers, the ones like her, where the best flowers are. 

But she can't speak. So she does a dance. She waggles her round hairy body, to show what she means. She shows the other workers which way to go. Humans call it a waggle dance.

Her home is like a city. There are many jobs to do, and Flora’s family and friends do different ones. Some keep it  warm deep inside the ‘city’. Some make wax and build rooms. They make a beautiful pattern of small six-sided rooms, called a honeycomb. Some look after the eggs and larvae. And then, most of important of all, there’s the queen. She’s bigger, much bigger, than everybody else, and she’s the one who lays all the eggs. Without the queen to lay eggs, then there’d be no babies, no larvae. No babies, no future.

Oh. I nearly forgot. Why is it called a honeycomb? Because that’s what the larvae eat. Honey. And in the city they make honey from the nectar that Flora and her many friends collect. 

The cities are amazing. The waggle dance is amazing. But the most amazing thing is that it’s good for the flowers that Flora sucks out their nectar. She picks up the yellow powder in the flowers. It’s called pollen. It sticks to her hairy body and hairy legs.

Accidentally, she carries the pollen from flower to flower. It helps the flowers to make good seeds. Pretty important! For the flowers – no seeds, no future.

What kind of animal is Flora?













Ignore the meerkat. 


Flora is a……

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