animal life

video story THREE

Xianhe and Sadako’s story

Xianhe and Sadako don’t know each other. They come from different places. People say they come from different countries. Of course, they don’t know about countries. They just know land and water and sky. And food.

They are both beautiful. They are beautiful when they stand still, when they walk, and when they fly. ‘What makes them beautiful?’ you might ask. Is it their long necks? Or their long legs? Or the bright crowns on their heads? 

It’s all of those things. Maybe one day they will meet, and dance beautifully together.

They're like you and me – they eat many kinds of food, such as fruit and rice and corn and rats and lizards and insects. (OK, maybe that part is just like you. Not me.) 

They don’t know aboutabout flags and armies and sports teams and all that kind of thing that humans think are do important. But they know about people.

Animals, like Xianhe and Sadako, sometimes eat people's crops. Then people get angry and chase them away. Or shoot them. There are more and more people in the world, and more and more crops. So there’s less and less room for Xianhe and Sadako.







Ignore the meerkat. 


Xianhe and Sadako are……


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