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video story SEVEN

Anyu’s story

Anyu lives in the far north, in the sea, and on the ice, and sometimes on rocks at the edge of the sea.

She’s round in the middle, but her head and tail are kind of pointed. So she moves quickly though water. She’s a good swimmer. She’s an amazing swimmer – as fast as a fish. That’s good, because she eats fish. She needs to catch them.

If you see her out of the sea, though, you’ll laugh. She has no arms or legs, just flippers. So she can’t walk. She shuffles along on her belly. On the land she moves slowly.

The water is cold. Very cold. In fact, most of the time the sea is covered in ice. Anyu can swim under the ice, and stay in the water for twenty minutes. Then she needs to stick her head back out into the air, to breathe like you and me.

The cold air and the cold cold water aren’t a problem. But polar bears are a problem. Especially hungry ones. They look white and fluffy and even cute, but they’re dangerous. Their favourite food is … Anyu and others like her.

Polar bears are smart. They creep up from behind the ice and snow. Then, they pounce. If she can get into the sea quickly she’s ok. Anyu can swim faster than they can. But out of the water the bears are faster.

You don’t want to be caught by a polar bear. You don’t want to be polar bear breakfast. Or lunch. Or supper.









Ignore the meerkats. 


Anyu is an……

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