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video story SIX

Falupo’s story

It’s not easy being small, like me. I’m just bite-size to a sand snake. Yeuch. Pfuh! Sand snakes. Dangerous, sly, wriggly things, they are.

They’re quiet. You can’t hear them coming, as they crawl across the sand and the grass. Then SNAP! GOBBLE! You’re gone. 

I know. It’s happened to so many good friends.

But I’m smart. People came, and built houses, with places to hide. The good thing is that people don't like snakes either. They’re even more scared of them than I am. They scream and shout when they see them. Which is pretty silly. Sand snakes aren’t big enough to eat people.

So here I am now. Sitting high up, inside a human house. Nasty horrible snakes can’t get me here. Stupid snakes can only wriggle across the ground. No legs! Hahahahaha! So they can’t hop and jump.

Anyway, excuse me. I’m going to have a nap, until the next fly comes by. Flies are as stupid as snakes, but they taste better.








Ignore the meerkat. 


Falupo is an……


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