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Chikombo's story

Chikombo lives in Africa.

He has big ears. He has very, very, very big ears. They almost look like wings. But he can’t fly.

He can swim. He’s very good at swimming. He can swim across the great Zambezi River, all the way to the other side. 

He eats leaves, and sometimes he eats fruit and roots. It’s funny, but the food on the other side of the river always looks better. Chikombo can’t see the food very well, because it’s so far away. But it’s true – it always look nicer than the food on this side.

He doesn’t cross the river alone. Oh, no … that would be dangerous. The hippos are bigger than he is, and they are NOT very friendly. They think that the river belongs to them. 

They get in the way. They swim under him. They want to scare him. But his Mum looks after him. She’s bigger than the hippos. 

She has big ears, too. And two long teeth. They’re so long, and pointed, she can use them to dig. She digs tasty roots out of the ground for Chikombo to eat.

And she has a very, very long nose. She can twist it and turn it. She can even fill it with water. Then she squirts the water at Chikombo, to make him cool and clean. And she has kind of ‘fingers’ at the end of her nose. She can use her nose to pull leaves from high trees.

What else can I say about Chikombo? For a baby he’s pretty big, but he’s still cute. He has some hair, but not much, and his skin is a bit wrinkly even though he’s so young. And he’s grey.

What kind of animal is Chikombo?











Chikombo's story

Ignore the meerkat. 


Chikombo is an……


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