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Lualhati’s story

How many arms and legs have you got? How many hearts have you got? What colour is your blood?

Aha … you have eight arms. Three hearts. Blue blood. And your arms are pretty amazing. Your arms are smart. You can do eight different jobs at the same time. You can even taste things with your arms.

And you can squeeze your body through small gaps, because you don’t have any hard bones or any hard shell. You’re kind of squishy. 

You can use tools, like people and some other animals can – the smart ones.

Do you like to squirt ink at your enemies? You do? You should meet Lualhati. She’s just like you.

I guess you like seafood, too. Shrimps, lobsters, fish. Am I right?

So, of course, ... you live in the sea. You’re five meters long. And when you make eggs there are usually more than 100,000 of them. Also, after you lay your eggs – sorry to give you bad news – you quickly die, even though you’re only five years old.









Ignore the meerkats. 


Lualhati is an……

Lualhati is an ...


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