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video story TWO

Tanya’s story

Tanya eats leaves. But she’s a fussy eater. The leaves have to be from just a few kinds of plants. Like tansy. (That’s a kind of plant.) She’s so small that you could easily tread on her, and crush her under your feet. Which would be a shame, because she’s pretty.

She’s shiny and green. 

Green is a good colour, especially if you’re small and you eat tansy leaves. It’s harder for the birds to see you, and eat you. Spiders are a different problem – whenever you wander around you can get caught in their sneaky spiders’ webs. Then the spider eats you.

Tanya can't see or smell too well. Wandering around isn’t a good idea, if you find it hard to find your food supply again. The best idea is just stay on the tansy, so that's what she does.

And when winter comes you can just dig down into the ground and sleep all though the cold weather, until the tansy grows back again in the spring. 

Tanya is a ...






Ignore the meerkats. 


Tanya is a……

tansy beetle

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